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Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Main PCB Replacement for Hayward Goldline ProLogic Automation and Chlorination
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Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Main PCB Replacement for Hayward Goldline ProLogic Automation and Chlorination

The Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Main PCB Replacement is the only authorized replacement part that can be used when the original Main PCB board goes out in the controller system for the Hayward brand AquaRite® Salt Chlorinator system that is part of your backyard inground pool and spa. 

         The main PCB or printed circuit board is where all of the electronic components are soldered on that controls all of the different operations of the system that it is put into. Without this important part in your pools filtration system, you would not have the peace of mind knowing that the water in your pool and spa are safe for you and your family to go in

         Key Features

         * Designed to work with several different models of the AquaRite® Salt Chlorinator system
         * Made with only high-quality components
         * Works with the Aqua Logic automation models pl-p-4, pl-ps-4, pl-ps-8-v, pl-ps-8, pl-ps-16-v,                pl-ps-16
         * OEM Replacement part from Hayward


         * Designed to be easily installed into several of the Hayward Salt Chlorinator systems
         * Saves you money from having to a professional pool service company to install it
         * No worries about voiding any warranties since it is an OEM part


        * A bit on the expensive side
        * Board does not include any mounting hardware


            Nothing beats the summer heat like a relaxing dip in a pool or a relaxing time in a spa after a long day at work. However, if you could do that and not have to worry about the stinging and redness of eyes do heavy chlorine treatments that used to be the norm when it came to pool care. 

          The Hayward Salt Chlorinator System is a less expensive alternative to traditional liquid or tablet chlorine systems of the past. A salt chlorinator system converts salt into chlorine and treats the water, which makes it much safer and eliminates the negative things associated with heavily chlorinated water; burning, red eyes and nasty smell. 

         The AquaRite® Salt Chlorinator systems are controlled by a central control panel which features a powerful main PCB board that controls everything. If your system develops issues and the main PCB board is needing to be replaced, the Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Main PCB Replacement board is the correct part to use. 

             It is a OEM part from Hayward and can easily be installed if the original board fails in your system. If you are in need of a replacement board, just click here and you will find what you need in order to get one. 

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